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Velvet Vixenettes Pole Pack

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 Unleash your inner Vixenette with our sexy Pole flow Pack. In this pack, you will learn a sultry routine combining floorwork, leg waves and body rolls. Also included is a Pole combination video that can be completed in heels – or bare feet! We are respectful of the Sex Work origins of this sensual style, and prioritise the hire of Sex Workers to teach and choreograph our Vixenettes tutorials as we believe Industry experience is valuable.

This tutorial pack comes complete with the following videos, along with a bonus warmup and cool down video: 

Video #1 | Combo Creation with Wednesday
Wednesday will take you through a sultry combo creation on the Pole. This non-routine based tutorial focuses on fluidity and flow on the pole, wearing heels. 

Video #2 | Risque Routine with Sofia
Sofia will take you through a sexy Velvet Vixenettes Pole routine to "Pussy" by Jacki-O, focusing on base-work and flow. Sofia will then go through the various technique within the routine and thoroughly explains the choreography so you can dance along at home.


product specifications

 Each video is approximately twenty to forty minutes in length, and covers an in depth explanation of all the technique involved. This is not a live tutorial, which means you can complete it anytime, with unlimited access!

Who can participate in this video pack? 
Must have completed Babydoll Beginner's Pole course (or equivalent) or be an experienced dancer or Pole Dancer. The combinations are of a Pearls to Emeralds Level.

What to wear: 
Wear comfortable clothes that you can move in - feel free to dress up with something that makes you feel sexy. You can wear stripper heels and/or a pair of socks as bare feet will create too much friction. You can also wear Kneepads for additional comfort. 

What do I need?
This video pack requires access to a Pole. For insurance reasons, we are unable to provide safety information for setting up your pole. Please ensure you have certified equipment from a reputable retailer.

All videos will be captioned for accessibility.

Free for Indigenous People
As a business operating on stolen land, we are offering all of our Online Class Packs completely free of charge to all Indigenous & First Nations people. Contact us for a special discount code.

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