Unable to get to the studio but want to continue your dance journey? Or perhaps you would love to supplement your classes with some sensational extra material! We've got just the thing for you - a captivating collection of floor & burlesque classes available from the comfort of your own home.

Free for Indigenous People
As a business operating on stolen land, we are offering  all of our Online Class Packs completely free of charge to all Indigenous & First Nations people.
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  1. Bombshell Bootcamp: Online Tutorial Video Pack 1. Baby is posing in red and pink lingerie, with hand weights in either hand. She is flexing one arm.i
  1. Let's Dance: Online Tutorial. Video Pack 1. A close up shot of three people wearing latex pink lingerie with red latex boots.
  1. Flirtography: Online Tutorial. Video Pack 1. Quench is posing in pink latex lingerie with a red fringed chemise draped over her. She is arching her back and stroking her face with her hand.
  1. Sensual Sirens: Online tutorial. Video Pack 1. Oryx and Gigi are posing together  in pink latex lingerie and red latex boots. Oryx has long black hair with green streaks, and Gigi has long blonde hair. Oryx is holding a crop.
  1. Velvet Vixenettes sling: online tutorial, video pack 1. Wednesday is posing in a white sling wearing gold chain lingerie halter top and gold pasties. She has long black hair and red lips.
  1. Velvet vixenettes pole, online tutorial, video pack 1. Sofia is posing on a brass pole in pink and red latex lingerie. She has long curly blonde hair, and a red choker around her neck.
  1. Twirling with fans: online tutorial, video pack #1. Alice is posing in pink lingerie, holding pink and coral feather fans above her head.
  1. Sexy Flexy: Online Tutorials, video pack #2. Two people are posed together in a scissoring position wearing bright colourful lingerie.
  1. Flirting with Fans. Online tutorial video pack #1. Suzy is posing in pink latex lingerie with feather fans held behind her back in Coral and pink. She has shoulder-length brown hair and a red scrunchie.
  1. Classique Pack
  1. Sugar Pop Pack
  1. Babydoll Burly Pack
  1. Sexy Home Workout | The Second Pack
  1. Sexy Home Workout | The First Pack
  1. Flow & Sparkle Pack
  1. Down & Dirty Pack
  1. Bend & Lap Pack
  1. Sexy Flexy Pack