Waiver and Class Policy. Online Classes and content.

01. Access

By purchasing access to one of our online classes/tutorials/videos/sessions, customers agree that the content and digital material itself remains the property of Sky Sirens. Customers are not permitted to re-distribute footage, share log-in codes and links OR use Sky Sirens intellectual property for commercial gain.

02. Timeframes

When purchasing online digital content, customers are paying for access to the content only. The timeframe in which the content is valid is indicated on each product itself. All of the content is distributed at once, and login details/links will be sent on the first Monday after the purchase is made (unless there is a defined date of when the content will be made available/released). The timeframe will begin once the content has been released to the customer. It is the consumer’s responsibility to complete the tutorials and watch the videos within the specified timeframe.

03. Injury

Sky Sirens is not responsible for any injury or loss caused during online classes/tutorials. You will also agree to not sue or make any other claims against Sky Sirens or it’s staff for any personal injury, property damage/ loss, or wrongful death, whether caused by negligence or otherwise. Due to the nature of the activity, you may incur bruises, scratches, carpet burns, cuts and minor muscle injuries or broken bones. By purchasing online classes/tutorials, you acknowledge that these injuries are part of the risks involved when freely consenting to partake in the activities.

04. Medically Fit

Sky Siren classes/workshops/tutorials/videos are physical in nature, so therefore you are responsible for ensuring that you are physically and medically fit for your class/workshop. You must be responsible for your own personal safety at all times and ensure that you have warmed up prior to commencing any activities. Should you have a pre-existing medical condition or are in doubt as to your suitability for this program, we recommend you consult your physician for medical clearance. Sky Sirens online content is not modified for injuries.

05. Skill level and Ability

Sky Sirens does not take responsibility for student’s proficiency in achieving particular outcomes for the tutorials. We can’t guarantee that students will all achieve the tricks/skills/choreography etc. as taught in the videos. Students must take responsibility for their own outcomes and abilities. Students must always use the correct equipment as out- lined in each video. Students must not engage in activities that are beyond their skill level and ability. It is the student’s responsibility to assess their own skill level and ability, and purchase classes/tutorials/videos that align with their individual circumstance.

06. 18 years and over

All participants/customers must be over 18 years of age.

07. Intellectual Property

All routines, syllabus, concepts, events, merchandise and designs re- main the intellectual property of Sky Sirens and can not be replicated under any circumstance.

08. Drugs & Alcohol

No alcohol or drugs prohibited by law can be consumed before or during any classes/tutorials/videos conducted or organised by Sky Sirens.