1. Sexy Flexy Pack
  1. Sexy Flexy. Beginners stretch and strength. Gigi is posing in a V split position, holding her leg up to her face and licking her red latex thigh high stripper boot. She has pink latex lingerie, long dark blonde hair, and tanned white skin.
  1. Bombshell Bootcamp: Online Tutorial Video Pack 1. Baby is posing in red and pink lingerie, with hand weights in either hand. She is flexing one arm.i
  1. Sexy Flexy: Online Tutorials, video pack #2. Two people are posed together in a scissoring position wearing bright colourful lingerie.
  1. Sexy Home Workout | The First Pack
  1. Handstand honeys: beginner handstand technique. Nikki is posing in a handstand with her legs in a stag position. She has medium-length blonde hair and lightly tanned white skin.
  1. Sexy Home Workout | The Second Pack
  1. Booty camp: conditioning for abs and booty. Dahlia is crawling on the ground with her bum facing the camera. She is wearing pink latex lingerie briefs with a red latex bra and thigh high boots. She has light brown skin and long curly hair in a high ponytail.
  1. Bendy Babes. Intro to contortion. Indy is doing a backbend with one leg up in the air. She has lightly tanned white skin, with lightly tanned white skin. She is wearing red latex lingerie with red velvet stripper shoes.
  1. Baby backbends. Intro to back bending. Mia is posing in a back bend wearing pink latex lingerie and thigh high red latex stripper boots.  Mia has brown skin with lots of tattoos, and long dark hair with a close shaven undercut on the side of their head.