1. Babydoll Burlesque. beginners bump and grind classes. Lara is posing in red and pink latex lingerie with a pink feather headdress.
  1. Babydoll Fan Dance. Beginners fan dancing and burlesque. Rose is posing in baby pink latex lingerie with a red latex corset. She is holding a pair of pink and coral fans behind her back. She has light auburn hair and pale skin.
  1. Garnets burlesque: intermediate burlesque classes. Suzy is posing in baby pink latex lingerie, wrapped an oversized coral tulle boa around her.
  1. Feather fantasy. Intermediate feather fan dancing. Lily is posing with a pair of pink and coral fans above her head, with red latex lingerie. She has one leg cocked in a flamingo position. She has long curly brown hair, pale white skin and nude pumps.
  1. Mama's Minxes
  1. Babydoll Burly Pack
  1. Twirling with fans: online tutorial, video pack #1. Alice is posing in pink lingerie, holding pink and coral feather fans above her head.
  1. Flirting with Fans. Online tutorial video pack #1. Suzy is posing in pink latex lingerie with feather fans held behind her back in Coral and pink. She has shoulder-length brown hair and a red scrunchie.
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  1. High Cut Honeys. 80s Aerobic Neo Burlesque Class. Lottie is posing in a neon pink leotard with a white graphic crop top. She's wearing neon yellow leg warmers. She is wearing a big curly blonde wig.
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  1. Feather Fantasia: Advanced Feather Fan Dancing. Porcelain Alice is posing in pink latex lingerie and nude thigh high stockings with a red band around the thigh. She has dark auburn hair in an up-do and pale white skin.
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  1. Flick'n Fierce
  1. Feather Gram. Weekly Instagram Fan Dancing Combos