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Fashioning Feathers | Video Tutorial Only

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 Learn to fashion your own set of Feather Fans with this DIY Kit guided by Sky Sirens' very own Burlesque Beauty and DIY Debutante, Lottie Lamont. Fan dancing is a Burlesque art-form from the Golden Era that tantalises and teases the audience with beautiful Ostrich Feather Fans.

New to fans? Or perhaps you just want to try out your new set of Feather Fans! Take a peek at our Feather Fans Online Class Packs.

This is a one-piece video tutorial pack only. Please note that this pack does not include a physical kit. If you would like to purchase the "kit" version of this pack, you can head here.

Product Specifications
Who can participate in this video pack?
The video pack is open to everyone!
What will you need?

3 Layers  2 Layers 1 Layer
24 Long Fancy Feathers (18"-24")  24 Long Fancy Feathers (18"-24") 24 Long Fancy Feathers (18"-24")
24 Blondene Feathers (14"-17") 24 Drabs (14"-16") Stave kit
24 Drabs (14"-16") Stave kit


Stave kit Scissors Plies and/or spanner
Scissors Pliers and/or spanner
Pliers and/or spanner


All videos will be captioned for accessibility.

What happens next?
Once you’ve purchased your kit, we will compile your materials and wrap them up beautifully. Upon shipment of your order, we will send you a PDF with special instructions on how to access the DIY Online Tutorial!