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Babydoll Burly Pack

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Learn the art of the tease in this Classic Burlesque tutorial. The course is open for everyone from Absolute Beginners to Experienced Burlesque Babes. This tutorial pack comes complete with the following videos, along with a bonus Burlesque warmup and Testing Week video:

Video #1 | Into to Striptease (with Porcelain Alice)
Porcelain Alice gives an introduction to Strip Tease, with lessons on how to remove a Boa, Capelet and Corset.

Video #2 | Creating Character (with Porcelain Alice)
Porcelain Alice explains character and identity on stage. Let's discuss what character are you trying to represent, and what elements of your true self you are going to bring across while performing.

Video #3 | Porcelain & Performance (with Porcelain Alice)
Porcelain's tips and tricks on how to become a successful Burlesque performer. From measuring success to Burlesque pathways, this video is a newbie performer 101 on how to progress yourself in the Burlesque industry.

Video #4 | Pasties (with Porcelain Alice)
Learn how to remove your bra, tassel twirl and show the 'final reveal'.

Video #5 | Creative Costuming (with Porcelain Alice)
Learn how to curate costumes with consistent colour palettes, thrifty tricks and to create a cohesive visual story for stage.

Burlesque is traditionally a theatrical performance of a satirical nature. The word is derived from the Italian word, ‘Burla’ which is translated to ‘Joke’. During the 1920’s (the Burlesque ‘Golden Era’) Burlesque performances began to incorporate striptease and embrace ‘Classic’ style feather head-dresses, elaborate costuming, fans and props. After the 1960’s, Burlesque began to adopt what we call a ‘Neo’ style, which is actually more reflective of its satirical roots. Nowadays, there are many different styles within the Burlesque genre. From comedic performances, political statements, drag, classic, gorelesque to modern-day strip - Burlesque is vast with possibility.

At Sky Sirens, our levelled classes (Babydoll, Garnets and Feather Fan classes) incorporate a more ‘Classic’ burlesque style reflective of the Golden Era of Burlesque. However our other Burlesque classes offer a variety of styles for students to experience. If you’re a newbie to the genre, it’s best to start with the Babydoll classes to learn the foundation moves before moving onto more specialised styles.

product specifications

Each video is approximately seven to ten minutes in length, and covers an in depth explanation of tricks and tips for a Baby Burlesque performer. There are no routines taught in these videos, they are tutorials. This is not a live tutorial, which means you can complete it anytime, with unlimited access!

Who can participate in this video pack?

This video pack is open to all experience levels. It’s suitable for absolute beginners and those with previous dance experience who would like to learn a new dance style.

What do I wear?

Wear comfortable clothes that you can move in - feel free to dress the part with fringing or lingerie! You can wear dance heels and/or a pair of socks as bare feet will create too much friction.


All videos will be captioned for accessibility.

Free for Indigenous People

As a business operating on stolen land, we are offering  all of our Online Class Packs completely free of charge to all Indigenous & First Nations people.

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