What Katie Did: Retro lingerie and stocking

What Katie Did is a UK based small business that specialises in replicated vintage lingerie and hosiery. Katie started What Katie Did in 1999, with just £100. At this time is was very difficult to find Seamed Stockings either in shops or online. What Katie Did was one of the leading brands that pioneered the faux vintage hosiery industry as we see it today.

The majority of What Katie Did's lingerie is manufactured in a family business in India, which is an ISO certified factory that they have been working with since 2002. The factory is a small family owned factory and they now have their own facility which currently produces lingerie just for What Katie Did. Katie spends a few weeks of the year in India sampling new designs and being on the floor with the factory employees.

The Glamour Seamed Stockings and Tights are made in Italy, which is renowned for it's quality hosiery manufacturing.