Swarovski Rhinestones

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These genuine Swarovski Flat-Back, Non-Hotfix Rhinestones are perfect for all of your blinging needs. Rhinestones can be added to your lingerie and costumes for embellishment and to incorporate texture. By adorning your costumes in rhinestones, your fabric reflects stage lights which looks extravagant when performing.

Each of our Swarovski Rhinestones are packaged in cute, glass & gold jars that can be reused for many purposes. There are approximated 250-280 pieces of ss-12 (3mm diameter) in each jar.

Product Specifications

These rhinestones don’t have a pre-sticky or Hot-Fix backing, which means you will need to apply glue onto the fabric, and then place down each rhinestone. We recommend Gem-Tac, which we also have for sale in our online store.

Sensory & Accessibility Information
You will need to apply each rhinestone yourself. They are quite small and can be difficult to pick up with dexterity issues. The rhinestones will catch and reflect light when in use. They come in small glass jars with a turn-to-open lid.

Helpful Hints:
Apply a small amount of glue onto your fabric. The, position the rhinestone gently and do not press hard to prevent oozing or soaking through.