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Spirit Gum

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This little 15ml bottle of Spirit Gum is perfect for all of your pastie adhering needs. Spirit gum is an adhesive, made mostly of SD Alcohol 35-A (the solvent, or "spirit") and resin (the adhesive, or "gum"), used primarily for affixing costume prosthetics such as wigs, merkins, or false facial hair.

Additional Information

Sensory and Accessibility Information
This product has a chemical smell, which fades when applied as the chemicals are evaporative.

Product Ingredients
Denatured Alcohol, Copal, Colophonium (Rosin), Glycol Rosinate, Fumaric Acid.

How to apply Spirit Gum

Paint a thin layer of Spirit gum on the pack of your pasties using the applicator provided. Allow the solution to become tacky to touch, and then stick the pastie directly onto your nipple.

How to remove Spirit Gum

Once you have gently peeled the pastie off your skin, there may be Spirit Gum residue on your skin and on the back of your pastie. The best way to remove it is with a specially formulated “Spirit Gum Remover” which is gentle on the skin. If you don’t have access to this, Isopropyl Alcohol will also remove residue - however this can be harsh on the skin for some people.

It’s always best to test patch the Spirit Gum formula prior to applying your pastie to test any reaction your skin may have - remember nipples are sensitive!