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Intermediate Three | Low Hoop

This Intermediate Three “Rubies” level of Lyra is for students who find inverting or flip mounting inaccessible to them, or who are still working on these skills. In our Rubies Low Hoop level, students will explore elements from the Rubies syllabus - but all in the low hoop. Our Rubies Low Hoop Syllabus incorporates varied skills and adaptations to the regular Rubies syllabus, allowing students to build on their trick vocabulary and practice strength and flow.

Our Intermediate Three “Rubies” level of Lyra encourages and supports students in conditioning their strength and flexibility, as well as refining technique and execution of tricks. The Rubies level also allows students to experiment with more interesting upside down shapes on the top bar and dance choreography. Upside down tricks on the top bar will be taught the traditional way as demonstrated in the “High Hoop” Rubies classes, however more accessible entries to the shapes will also be shown and encouraged to try.

Our Rubies and other levelled Lyra classes embrace a sensual style, and our focus is on teaching fluidity and beauty in movement rather than simply teaching tricks alone.

Our Low Hoop classes follow the same routine as High Hoop classes, however it is adapted into a Low Hoop style.

Interested in booking into Rubies Lyra, but aren’t sure if you’re eligible?
We don’t have an online syllabus quiz for this level yet, however you will need to be able to complete the following moves:
- Back Balance
- Gazelle variations
- Hip Holds
- Crescent Moon
- Be confident in all Emeralds moves, with the exception of the Flip Mount, Air-Stag, Hocks Mount and Straddle Invert.

Please bring the following items to class:
- Yoga mat
- Small towel
- Water bottle
- Wear something that makes you feel comfortable and/or sexy. Often babes wear active-wear (like leggings and a top), and others prefer lingerie (like a cute bodysuit or two-piece set). Make sure the back of your knees are covered, as the white gripping tape on the lyra can sometimes feel abrasive on the skin.
- Wear socks or stockings on your feet (no shoes - our photos are heavily styled).

$300 per 7 week term | 1 hour class