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Professional Dance Fishnets

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Our Professional Dance Fishnet tights are perfect for Aerials and Burlesque. These fishnets are extremely durable, and come complete with a reinforced sole. The netted gaps are quite close together, and combined with their durability give them a “compression” effect.

These babies are high-waisted, but due to their no-fray properties and tightness, can also be cut at the top of the thighs for a “thigh high” effect.

Bolly and Elixir are both wearing the black colourway. Bolly is also wearing the Brandy colourway and Elixir is wearing the Champagne.

Bolly is wearing the brandy colourway.
Elixir is wearing the champagne colourway.
Product Specifications

Sensory & Accessibility Information
These performance-grade fishnet stockings are incredibly strong to reduce rips and tears! The material is hardy, so it feels rough to the touch. The stockings double as a compression garment, so expect them to feel tight on your skin and potentially leave indents. Available in one size, performance fishnet stockings are incredibly stretchy and fit a vast range of body types and sizes. The band can be cut off to create thigh-high stockings.

The first time you wear your Fishnets
1. Unwrap your fishnets from their packaging.
2. Roll both legs down to the ankles and gently place your foot inside. Do this seated.
3. Roll up both legs together, ensuring that one leg isn’t pulled up dramatically higher than the other.
4. Once the stockings are just above the knee, stand up and start pulling them up slowly towards your crotch. Make sure you keep pulling the stockings from the ankle and upwards.
5. Once the waistband has reached your waist, smooth out the stockings, making sure you are wary of pulling the tights.

The stockings are “one size” so they need to be stretched to fit your body, which is why it’s important to be very careful the first time you are putting them on. If you do it too quickly, the stockings will rip (most likely at the crotch). So you need to make sure you are going slow, and stretching them out from the ankles and upwards. Your future wears will not be this slow and you won’t need to be as concerned about them ripping when putting them on.

Make sure you either hand wash with cold water, or gentle machine wash in a protective lingerie bag (separate from any bras, zippers or clips that may get caught in the wash). Dry naturally in the sun (not in a dryer).