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A private lesson is a one-on-one class tailored to your individual experience and goals. Whether you prefer the dynamic of a more personalised class, training for a performance or are nervous about learning in a class with others - privates suit a variety of different needs.

Tabby likes to cater her private lessons to the exact needs of her students, and is happy to adjust anything along the way to make you feel safe and comfortable! If you’re looking for strength conditioning, spin workshopping, or just extra time on the hoop, Tabby is ready to help! She is also happy to help you put together a training plan for practise time, or continued one-on-one’s if that’s what you’re after!

Tabby can teach up to Rubies Lyra and Emeralds Sling.

 Bolly Golightly

Bolly Golightly is an experienced dancer and performer who brings joy to her classes. She has a nurturing spirit that will ensure you feel supported throughout your private lessons. Bolly specialises in instilling confidence in every student, and can help you with tips and tricks to nail those nemesis moves. Bolly loves introducing absolute beginners to the wonders of lyra, sling, Burlesque or Bollywood, so if its your first time, you’ll be in great hands. She also loves helping more experienced students become stronger, more creative and fluid, helping to ensure you look and feel amazing.

Bolly teaches Babydoll to Rubies Sling & Lyra, as well as Fans & Bollywood Burlesque.

Bronte started dance as a baby ballerina at the age of 3 and dance has been a part of their life since then. In their teenage years they became enamoured with contemporary and improvisation but still held onto their love of classical ballet. After studying dance for the HSC, including performing, choreographing and directing their own works, Bronte took a break from ballet to study psychology and play AFL.

Bronte met Katia in 2020 and that’s when this wild babycat took to the sky. Bronte brings their contemporary exploration and classical lines to aerial apparatuses and a fun and playful attitude to class.

Bronte can teach Ballet, Contemporary Floorwork, Sexy Flexy, Handstands, Aerial Sling (Babydoll to Pearls) and Lyra (Babydoll to Emeralds).


Maddie Belle
Maddie loves being your biggest hype up fan! She is gentle and caring in her approach and leaves you feeling encouraged and supported.

Maddie's specific interests are Lyra, Sling and Floor technique, Conditioning, Flexibility, Contemporary Choreography, Comedic Choreography, Act Creation, Vixens & Vixenettes.