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A private lesson is a one-on-one class tailored to your individual experience and goals. Whether you prefer the dynamic of a more personalised class, training for a performance or are nervous about learning in a class with others - privates suit a variety of different needs.
We offer a variety of styles ranging from Classique to Ballet. Our floorwork classes explore more dance based techniques, which if used in conjunction with an apparatus or levelled class which help improve flow and transitions.

Bronte started dance as a baby ballerina at the age of 3 and dance has been a part of their life since then. In their teenage years they became enamoured with contemporary and improvisation but still held onto their love of classical ballet. After studying dance for the HSC, including performing, choreographing and directing their own works, Bronte took a break from ballet to study psychology and play AFL.

Bronte met Katia in 2020 and that’s when this wild babycat took to the sky. Bronte brings their contemporary exploration and classical lines to aerial apparatuses and a fun and playful attitude to class.

Bronte can teach Ballet, Contemporary Floorwork, Sexy Flexy, Handstands and Lyra (Babydoll to Emeralds).

Farrah Faust
Sky Sirens' flame-haired feline & captivating chair dancer is available for private lessons! Farrah spends most of her time in the studio either wrapped around a pole or rolling around on the floor, whenever she isn’t stationed at the front desk! Her performance style is narrative-based thanks to her theatre background, and she loves creating characters who celebrate the audacious and unusual. Farrah’s Siren goals include developing more flexibility and exploring contortion, as well as hopefully making her professional dance debut on a Sky Sirens stage in the near future!

Farrah can teach floorwork, Babydoll Pole & Chair dance.

Maddie Belle
Maddie loves being your biggest hype up fan! She is gentle and caring in her approach and leaves you feeling encouraged and supported.

Maddie's specific interests are Lyra, Sling and Floor technique, Conditioning, Flexibility, Contemporary Choreography, Comedic Choreography, Act Creation, Vixens & Vixenettes. 

Wednesday Baddams
Wednesday is a high-concept, narrative-based performance witch, who Wednesday is the twisted, sinister hellion your mother warned you about. A lyra and sling aerialist, drag queen and all around weirdo, Wedneuses elements of gothic horror and dark humour to satirise modern society through avant-garde gender-bending drag and Lyra/Sling acts.

Rose Royce
Rose Royce was a competitive figure skater for ten years and competed in Paris and Italy, which is where she developed a love for all things that sparkle and glitter. She was brought up in a house full of jazz records, and after her figure skating career ended, she found herself in love with music, and studied contemporary music at the Australian Institute of Music as a jazz and blues vocalist.

Rose loves teaching because she loves being able to help other new students who are searching for their own self love, just like she was when she started. She thinks that every class should be a whole lot of fun, and a great escape from the outside world!