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Pre-Booked Practice Time | The Dollhouse

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Practice time is a great way to work on moves, socialise with other students and have a great workout. The sessions are not supervised, so it’s really just you, your apparatus and the music! Students from other studios and adult industry babes are most welcome! This booking is for Lyra. Don't worry - you can still book Practice Time for Sling and Pole by clicking these links!  Pre-Booked sessions are just like regular practice time, but you have a Pre-Booked apparatus! Participants can book one apparatus for a 1.5 hour block. Unfortunately we can’t guarantee that participants can roam free and change apparatus in the studio like our walk-in sessions, but if there is availability - go for it!

Practice Time Rules
All Practice Time participants must sign in on our digital waiver form prior to commencing any activities. Practice time for apparatus training is only available to those who have taken lessons (or who have industry experience) in either Pole, Sling or Lyra (at Sky Sirens or elsewhere). We don’t allow any participants that have not trained that specific apparatus in that apparatus room for safety reasons. We also do not allow friends/family members/pets/children in the classrooms to watch or take photos of a student who is practicing. Aerial based classes must utilise a crash mat at all times (unless practicing a Velvet Vixen/ettes routine with shoes on for that apparatus). No shoes are to be worn on the crash mat. Please don’t touch the rigging. Please don’t teach or assist other people. Practice time is not the time to learn new moves. Please don’t play the same song on repeat. If you’re practicing a routine, please bring headphones. Students are responsible for cleaning/wiping down their apparatus and space after use.

* If you are a Sex Worker or First Nations person, we offer Free Practice Time sessions on weekdays. To claim this, we can either walk-in, or email us to get a 100% discount code to book online.

Please note prior to booking
 Practice Time is non refundable and non-transferable to another Sky Sirens Product or Service. You must pay in full upon booking, and there are no multiple discounts. Practice Time can’t be transferred or sold to a third party, or transferred to a future session.

Due to NSW Government Health Mandates and our duty of care to the community, we are only permitting Double Covid-19 Vaccinated Students to participate in our in-studio services. All Sky Siren Instructors and Employees currently on roster have been Vaccinated. Unvaccinated buyers who are not able to participate as a result of this policy will not be issued with a credit or refund if they purchase our services after October 7th 2021.

By purchasing this service, you agree to have read, understood and consent to our Covid Safety Plan and & Student Waiver Form