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Ostrich Feathers | Second Hand Broken Bits

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A DIY Babe's dream - a bunch of second hand feathers, boas and staves. Perfect for creating your own fans, headdress or for other costuming ideas.

The staves are clear plastic, but slightly discoloured due to heavy use. These feathers and loose staves need a lot of TLC - a wash and blowdry, or perhaps a dye job and they'll look beautiful.
White feather fan no screw | The feathers are very white and new, there is just a screw missing in the staves.
Pink Fluff Boa | A big pile of pink marabou boa fluff. Some of it is a little dirty, but most of it is brand new.

Please note, that all of these feathers are very used and some are faulty or on the verge of being faulty (hence the very cheap price point). Therefore, we will not be accepting any returns, refunds or exchanges under any circumstance. By purchasing these fans, you acknowledge that there may be additional faults not listed and you will not be offered a refund or exchange if this is the case. We are also not offering any advice on cleaning, maintenance or repairs.


Sensory & Accessibility Information
These feather fans are made out of luscious, soft ostrich feathers and some bundles have a bunch of broken plastic staves.