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Naughty Neo

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Explore different ways to move your body with Mama Medusa’s Naughty Neo Course!

In this class, students will learn a modern spin on traditional, classic Burlesque. Burlesque was less common from the 60’s to the 80’s due to night clubs and adult entertainment venues. As a result, Neo-burlesque developed in the 90s as the artform began to re-emerge. It is a more satirical and humorous form of striptease and originated primarily in the New York party scene. Mama Medusa will take students through new ways of movement to modern music, and will learn how to adapt their dancing to the beat and flow of music. Students will explore how to manipulate speed, structure and shape in non-traditional Burlesque ways.

Technique required to enrol into this class:
- Must have completed at least one term of Babydoll Burlesque (or other form of movement class).

Please bring the following items to class:
- Yoga mat
- Small towel
- Water bottle
- Wear something that makes you feel comfortable and/or sexy. Your Burlesque outfit tends to change every term, as this will be determined by the routine that you're learning (and what items of clothing you're taking off etc.). Your teacher will advise what to bring for the following classes on your first lesson.

$260 per 7 week term | 1 hour class