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Leopard Print Kneepads

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These kneepads by Fairy Pole Mother are the perfect combination of functional knee protection and Leopard Print Siren glamour. These kneepads feature a large cut-out behind the knee for mobility and additional knee-grip, and a padded rectangle over the knee for support and protection. These babies have a sticky side panel providing a little extra security on the pole, as well as a smooth fabric front for sliding around on the floor and creating slinky movements.

These kneepads run relatively small, so we recommend sizing up, while still maintaining a tight fit.

Elixir is wearing a size Large. 

Sensory and Accessibility Information
These kneepads are made of a stretchy material, with a foam pad protecting the kneecap. The material is designed to be tight-fitting, and it may stretch out with use, so we recommend buying a tight-fitting size. The foam pads will squish over time with use. The material is lightweight and smooth.

Kneepad Tips
1. If you’re finding that you need a little bit more protection, you can create some extra padding by using a bra insert or shoulder pad. Simply sew one into the inside of your kneepad.
2. These kneepads will last longer if you hand wash them. However they will survive a machine wash if they are placed in a lingerie bag and washed in cold water. Don’t tumble dry.
3. Make sure you put your kneepads on before your shoes.