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Open Pole Class

We will take you through Instagram’s latest Pole combination trends! This is an instructor-led class where the Instructor teaches one combination each week and assists students individually. The combinations will be adaptable for various experience, flexibility and strength levels. Insta Pole will cover everything from static pole combos, handstands, floor work tricks and more! This is a popular second class option for those interested in learning non-syllabus combinations - or for those who aren’t interested in learning a routine.

The majority of Pole Dance classes at Sky Sirens are reflective of a sensual style, paying homage to Sex Work origins. Despite this class being a ‘tricks’ only class, it’s important for us to acknowledge Sex Workers as the pioneers of Pole Dance as they have paved the way for classes such as this, to be accessible in mainstream society.

Technique required to enrol into this class:
We have two different levels available for Insta-Pole:
“Babydoll to Emeralds” -
Best suited to students who have completed at least one term of Babydoll Pole. You don’t need to have an Invert for this level.
"Emeralds and Up” - Best suited to babes who are in Emeralds and any level above Emeralds.

Please bring the following items to class:
- Yoga mat
- Small towel
- Water bottle
- A pair of Stripper heels (you can buy these from our parlour if you don’t own them already). Heels aren’t compulsory - we understand wearing heels may not be accessible to some babes. If you’re keen to wear heels, we recommend Stripper heels as they accentuate your lines and allow you to twirl more easily around the pole (as opposed to regular heels).
- Wear something that makes you feel comfortable and/or sexy. Make sure the back of your knees and underarms are exposed, as the more skin for gripping - the better!

 $260 per 7 week term | 1 hour class

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Please note prior to booking:
Our Classes are not refundable or transferable to another Sky Sirens Product or Service. You must pay in full upon booking. By purchasing this service, you agree to have read, understood and consent to our Covid Safety Plan and Student Waiver Form. Due to NSW Government Health Mandates and our duty of care to the community, we are only permitting Double Covid-19 Vaccinated Students to participate in our in-studio services.