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Single Layer Ostrich Feather Fans

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Our Siren exclusive Single Layer fans are handmade with luxurious full ostrich wing feathers that are attached close to the hand for full coverage. Single layer fans are easy to manoeuvre for beginners that want a high quality fan, or perfect for the petite experienced dancer! 
These fans are sold in a pair with a right and left handed fan and are made with 24 premium ostrich feathers that have been hand dyed in exclusive Siren colours. The feathers are mounted on clear acrylic staves. 
Outfit in the photos is models own. 

Product specifications

Fan Width & Height: approx 46 x 23" Sizing may vary slightly between fans.

Clear acrylic staves are 10" each

Feathers range from 18-24" 

There are 12 staves and feathers per fan.

Sensory & Accessibility Information

The single layer fans are made from soft ostrich feathers and smooth acrylic staves. The feathers are attached to the metal staves using wire. The fans are lightweight but can feel heavy after practicing for a long period.