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Emeralds Lyra

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Intermediate Two | High Hoop

Our Intermediate Two “Emeralds” level of Lyra is all about becoming more confident through the middle of the hoop. Students will learn how to accomplish back-balances, leg-hangs and other complex shapes and transitions in the hoop as well as improving fluid dance movement.

Our Emeralds and other levelled Lyra classes embrace a sensual style, and our focus is on teaching fluidity and beauty in movement rather than simply teaching tricks alone.

This class will be completed on a Hoop rigged high, so you will be required to invert into the apparatus.

Interested in booking into Emeralds Lyra, but aren’t sure if you’re eligible?
Head here to complete our online level assessment for Emeralds Lyra!

Please bring the following items to class:
- Yoga mat
- Small towel
- Water bottle
- Wear something that makes you feel comfortable and/or sexy. Often babes wear active-wear (like leggings and a top), and others prefer lingerie (like a cute bodysuit or two-piece set). Make sure the back of your knees are covered, as the white gripping tape on the lyra can sometimes feel abrasive on the skin.
- Wear socks or stockings on your feet (no shoes - our photos are heavily styled).

$300 per 7 week term | 1 hour class

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Please note prior to booking:
Our Classes are not refundable or transferable to another Sky Sirens Product or Service. You must pay in full upon booking. By purchasing this service, you agree to have read, understood and consent to our Covid Safety Plan and Student Waiver Form. Due to NSW Government Health Mandates and our duty of care to the community, we are only permitting Double Covid-19 Vaccinated Students to participate in our in-studio services.