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Crystal Envy Necklace

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"Oh no! My wealthy husband has died? Under mysterious circumstances you say? Oh my stars!" This luxurious emerald necklace transforms any wearer into the ultimate glam fatale icon. 

With glass gems nestled into a lush golden setting, you'll sparkle with the colour of envy and sin whenever you drape this delicate and alluring charm around you. 
Pairs perfectly with our Crystal Envy earrings or our Emerald Babydoll Velvet heels.

Sensory & Accessibility Information
This is a heavier piece of costume jewellery, embellished with deep emerald crystals that reflect light. It has a small clasp at the back to do it up.

How is my Necklace Packaged?
Your Necklace will be packaged in a beautiful pink box, lined with tissue paper. This little box is quite sturdy, and can be reused over and over to store your Necklace to and from performances and photoshoots.