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Decadent Debutantes Mystery Box

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Introducing the Decadent Debutantes Box - a hand-selected surprise box filled with some of The Parlour's most luxurious items curated just for you!

This box has a retail value of over $350

Additional Information: Product Specifications

What's in the box?

It's a mystery! You will receive a glamorously wrapped gift box filled with a variety of luxurious apparel, accessories and classes.

What's my size?

For this box, we will need your pastie size and garment size. The pasties are available in 5cm and 6.5cm diameter. The garment size is according to your waist, as per the size guide.

If you are unsure of your size, or you fall outside of the available sizes, please contact us! Each box is crafted just for you - so we can likely find something of your size.

Will I receive things that I already own?

We will check your purchase history to try and make sure we aren't sending you any duplicates! If you are purchasing this box as a gift for a friend, please write their name in the notes section of the checkout.