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You will need to pick this Lyra up from Sky Sirens. Please email to arrange pick up.
This Lyra (also known as "Aerial Hoop") is manufactured by Trix Circus. It is made from a 22mm stainless steel solid bar. The Lyra is clean, untaped and ready for you to personalise as you desire. It is 95cm external diameter and weighs approximately 9.5kg.
The stainless steel solid ring is load tested to 710kg.
We do not have the rating certificate available, so please use the apparatus at your own risk. Sky Sirens is not responsible for any fault, malfunction, injury or death caused by the apparatus or using the apparatus. This Lyra has never been used as it is too heavy for our studio. We would never sell equipment that has been regularly used by students.
For insurance reasons, we are unable to provide safety information for rigging your Lyra. However, we can advise that you must only use the apparatus on a certified rigging point (trees, playground equipment or untested house beams are NOT safe). The Lyra will require a Swivel and 2 Carabiners to be rigged (pictured). You may also need tape or a rigging strap depending on the height of your rigging. Please note that this apparatus does not come with the above setup. You will need to purchase them from a reputable, certified Circus retailer.

We will not be accepting any returns, refunds or exchanges under any circumstance. We are also not offering any advice on taping, rigging or maintenance.


95cm external diameter (it's in between the two sizes we use at the studio).
Note: This is a very heavy lyra, much heavier than the lyras we use at the studio.
Sensory & Accessibility Information
The lyra is untaped, so the surface is smooth and cold metal. It's very heavy to carry.