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Bring a Babe | Saturday 16th July

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Saturday 16th July, 2022

2:45pm to 5:30pm

Ticketing Information:
Tickets are $40 per bundle of two. This ticket is valid for two people, whether you are previously enrolled or complete Siren Virgins. If you are coming alone, you’re absolutely welcome - however, you’ll still be required to pay the full fee. This is because we will have one apparatus per duo, so coming solo means you’ll have it all to yourself. We are being covid conscious cuties! This ticket price is non-refundable and non-transferable to another Sky Sirens product or service. You are not permitted to "sell" the ticket on our Facebook page, however, you are permitted to give away tickets to others privately.

Whether you're a Siren Virgin or a repeat offender, it's time to bring yourself and a babe to our “Open Day” for a Meet & Greet and Playtime.

Open Day will include:
- A an entree-sized portion of all four Artforms: Burlesque, Pole Dance, Sling & Lyra.
- Performances by our Siren Instructors.
- Exclusive discount to all Siren “Virgins”* on the day.

* We offer a special discount for virgins who would like to sign up on the day of Bring a Babe. Any of these offers are not to be used in conjunction with other offers, and are only available to those who are visiting the studio for the FIRST time (eg. not available to those who have done previous Bring a Babes, Classes, Sample Sessions or Workshops etc.).

Wear | Comfy Cute
Wear something tight on your bottoms (like leggings!) with no buckles, zips or clips. Your top half can be a t-shirt, singlet or sports bra (again, no claps, zips, buckles etc.). Please wear socks! Please take off any jewellery, and cover any piercings. Our dress code is reflecting what is required for Aerial Sling, so that you don't snag the delicate fabric. You won't have time to change your outfit between trying each art form - so it's best to wear the above. Try to come as ready as possible to avoid congestion in our changing spaces.

Bring a Babe is a day for brand new babes and enrolled Sirens to explore the studio and sample our classes. Everyone is welcome, whether you’re flying solo or coming in a pair!

Repeat Offenders
Register yourself and your Siren Virgin to come along and partake in a class to pop their cherry! Have a few laughs together, eat some cake, drink some champagne and convince your babe to sign up to an eight week course.
Siren Virgins
If you don't know any Sirens and you'd just like to check out the studio and join us for a play, you are most welcome. You can bring your own babe or fly solo!

Do I have to Participate? Can I sit and watch?
Everyone attending Bring a Babe must join in and participate. If you’re all in it together, nobody feels like they are being “watched” from the side-lines.

What Covid safe measures are you taking to ensure the safety of guests?
All Sky Sirens team members will take a RAT before coming to the studio for the event. In addition to this, all team members and ticket-holders must be vaccinated in order to participate (this is consistent across all our events and daily running of classes). To avoid congestion in the reception area, guests will not be able to “sign up” to classes in person (unless they wish to pay in cash). Instead, we will hand out a special discount “code” where guests have 24 hours to book in online. In addition to capping the event at a total capacity well below our limit, guests also won’t be “sharing” an apparatus with someone from outside their “duo”. Hand Sanitiser will be provided to all participants upon entry to each classroom, and everyone will be wearing masks (with exception to the Auslan Interpreter).

What’s your Accessibility information?
1.The event will be Auslan Interpreted. If you require an Interpreter, please let us know so that we can ensure we are sufficiently staffed.
2. We have a closed-door “quiet space” with seating and books if guests need to take some space from the crowd.
3. Unfortunately our venue is not wheelchair accessible (the council is not our friend). However, there is room to leave a walking frame or fold-up wheelchair if you are ambulant. There is two steps to enter our Lyra/Burlesque classroom on our ground level and approximately 15 steps to enter our Pole/Sling classrooms on the first floor.
4. All classrooms have comfortable seating if you require a break from standing and/or movement.
5. We don’t have air-conditioning, however we do have several Industrial fans in each classroom.
6. Our Instructors always ask for any access requirements at the beginning of each class, so you have the opportunity to express your needs. For example, our low vision/blind and hard of hearing/deaf students always get a spot at the front, and student with mobility access needs can be positioned near the seating.

We have a full sensory and accessibility guide in our Access and Inclusion section of our website. Please head there for more specific information, however you’re always welcome to contact us directly if you have any questions regarding accessibility.

I’m not a woman… Can I still join?
Absolutely! We have a number of Non-Binary Instructors (some of which will be there teaching you on the day!) and many Male, Masc, Butch, Queer and Gender Diverse students in our community. Although we celebrate a style of dance that’s often described (for a lack of a better word) “femme”, we welcome all genders and expressions of identity and style. You can read more about our commitment to gender inclusion here, read some of our LGBT student profiles here and a handful of our masc students here. We are proudly Queer owned and a safe space for our rainbow community.

Do I need to bring anything?
Along with an outfit to dance in, it’s worth bringing a bottle of water and a yoga mat. Although, both of these aren’t compulsory or necessary to participate. The only thing you absolutely need to bring, is your proof of Vaccination and positive vibes.

Are there any rules I need to know about?
1. We can’t let you in if you’re more than 15 minutes late.
2. Don’t talk over the top of your teacher.
3. Don’t teach anyone any moves (we know it’s exciting… but safety comes first).
4. Don’t attempt any moves that you haven’t been taught in the session.
5. Bring your mobile if you want pictures, but make sure it’s on silent (ie. no texting or calls during class time). If someone is in the background of your photo/video - please ask permission before on social media (or simply blur them out).
6. It’s a given - but please don’t come under the influence of any illicit drugs or alcohol.
7. We are a small business recovering from lockdown. This event is not an opportunity to host a cheap birthday party or social gathering. The idea is to “try before you buy”, so coming along isn’t an expectation of a sale. However, please be mindful that we have limited spaces and this day is for genuine interest only.

Please note prior to booking

The Bring a Babe session is non-refundable or transferrable to any other Sky Sirens product or service under any circumstance (this includes any unexpected events, such as train services down, weather conditions, medical conditions, isolation etc.). Please be aware that if you choose to book in and cancel for any reason whatsoever, your funds will be forfeited.