Playful promises: size inclusive and ethical lingerie

Playful Promises is a UK based lingerie company that focuses on expansive size ranges and ethical production.

“Inclusivity has revolutionised the fashion community, which is why we pride ourselves on using diverse models in our campaigns to ensure that all voices are heard." Emma Parker (CEO and Founder of Playful Promises)

Not only does Playful Promises design their ranges to suit a variety of bodies, they also ensure that all of their marketing and photographs include diverse models. While a lot of other brands in the fashion industry have inclusive sizing, they rarely adjust the construction of the pieces to suit the plus-size bodies that they're attempting to include. Playful Promises however, customises each size of the range to compliment the body that the size is designed to fit.
We love that Playful Promises is transparent about their manufacturing processes. The lingerie label has spoken out about how racism and classism have affected the western stigma that "all products made in China are poor quality". Playful Promises uses small factories in China (that all comply with the ETI base code) to produce their designs, and the company visits these factories regularly to ensure quality and ease of communication.

As we are a business owned and created by Sex Workers, we are always interested in supporting other businesses that associate and support the Sex Work industry. Playful Promises' founder Emma Parker worked as a Stripper, and is a huge advocate for Sex Workers and ensuring her label isn't disassociated with the Adult Industry.

An incredible article by Etsy Lingerie about why Playful Promises is such a great brand to support can be found here.

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