1. Sugar Pop Pack
  1. Classique Pack
  1. Sensual Sirens: Online tutorial. Video Pack 1. Oryx and Gigi are posing together  in pink latex lingerie and red latex boots. Oryx has long black hair with green streaks, and Gigi has long blonde hair. Oryx is holding a crop.
  1. Down & Dirty Pack
  1. Flow & Sparkle Pack
  1. Bend & Lap Pack
  1. Bend and Lap Advanced. Advanced chair and strip. Dahlia is sitting on a vintage chair wearing thigh high red stripper shoes, a red latex bra and pink latex briefs. She has light brown skin and long dark brown hair in a high ponytail.
  1. Flirtography: Online Tutorial. Video Pack 1. Quench is posing in pink latex lingerie with a red fringed chemise draped over her. She is arching her back and stroking her face with her hand.