Mini-Term. Four Week Beginners Term. The text is overlayed onto an image of three people, zoomed in on their butts, as they wear bright neon coloured and pastel lingerie

Come and see what Sky Sirens is all about, and indulge in four weeks of entree-sized goodness! Our four week mini term commencing on week 21st March is a beginners mini term, where you can choose between Pole Dancing, Lyra, Sling, Burlesque or Chair Dancing.

Learn more about the classes below, and book in!

Before participating in any services within the studio, all participants must read our full Covid Safety Plan page. All students are required to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 in order to engage in Sky Sirens in-person classes and services. You must show proof of vaccination upon entry. For full transparency, we are continuing this policy for the foreseeable future to protect our vulnerable community. Please see The Unsexy Page for T&C for class bookings. Please note that we do not offer refunds or cross-term transfers under any circumstance.

  1. Bend & Lap. Chair Dance Mini-Term. Ixia is kneeling on a red vintage style chair, wearing red lingerie holding a bouquet of flowers. She has dark skin, and long curly black hair. She is wearing cream-coloured pleasers.
  1. Babydoll lyra: beginners lyra mini-term. Cass is sitting in a white lyra wearing black lingerie. She has white skin and a curvy frame, with tummy tattoos. She has bright orange long hair, with a short fringe.
  1. Babydoll Pole. Beginners Pole Mini-Term. Dahlia is posing on a gold pole, wearing white lingerie. She has light brown skin and a slim frame, and she is wearing sparkly gold stripper sandals with a peep toe and a large platform heel. She has long dark brown hair, with light brown highlights. Dahlia is holding a pink and green cupcake and looking at it.
  1. Babydoll Sling: Beginners sling mini-term. Maddie is sitting in a white sling, leaning back. She has long wavy brown hair, and white skin and glamorous makeup.
  1. Babydoll Burlesque: Beginners burlesque mini-term. Tabby is kneeling on the floor against a purple background wearing pastel lingerie and pink stockings, covering her body with an oversized pink and coral tulle boa. She has long wavy brown hair in two pigtails, white skin and a slim frame.