Lyra classes: Come and fly with us!

A Lyra (pronounced ‘Lee-rah’) is a metal hoop suspended in the air, that you can perform tricks and dance on! Our Lyra classes begin with a dance, conditioning and stretch warm-up, followed by the breakdown of moves, dance routine and cool down.

Our new levelled "low-hoop" classes explained
Once students graduate from Pearls, they can now choose to go down the “Low Hoop” pathway if they wish. Students who find inverting, flip mounting and hocks mounting inaccessible can now access the higher level classes without being held back. Students who don’t “pass” the pre-requisites for High Hoop classes are not permitted to deviate off the low hoop pathway (for example, a student in Emeralds Low Hoop can’t move up to Rubies High Hoop). However, students who have “passed” the pre-requisites for High Hoop classes can effectively enrol into either Low or High Hoop classes. Our Low Hoop classes follow the same routine as High Hoop classes, however it is adapted into a Low Hoop style. Currently, we have Low Hoop classes available only in Emeralds and Rubies, however more levels will be available soon. If you’re unsure about how our new pathway works - please Speak to a Siren.

All of our classes follow a specially crafted syllabus that is designed to build up your strength and flexibility over the duration of the term.

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