1. Pearls Lyra: Intermediate One. Tabby is posing in an Amazon shape in a white lyra wearing baby pink and red latex lingerie. She has white skin and long brown hair with blonde highlights.
  1. Babydoll Lyra: Beginners. Baby is posing in a. babe in the moon position wearing red and pink latex lingerie. She has curly brown hair and pale white skin.
  1. Pearls Plus Lyra: Intermediate One-Two Fusion. Bolly is posing in a. cradle position on a white lyra against a hot pink background. She is wearing red and pink latex lingerie with red stripper shoes. She has medium-length bright red hair and brown skin.
  1. Emeralds Lyra Low. Intermediate Two, Low Hoop. Allegra is posing in a white lyra, wearing pink and red latex lingerie and red patent heels. She has shoulder-length curly auburn hair with a blonde streak, very pale white skin and black tattoos along her legs and torso. She has a large pink tulle boa draped around her and the hoop.
  1. Rubies Lyra Low. Intermediate Three | Low Hoop. Dahlia is sitting in a white lyra wearing thigh high red stripper shoes, a red corset and baby pink lingerie. She has light brown skin and long dark curly hair in a high ponytail
  1. Diamonds Lyra Low
  1. Sapphires Lyra Low