1. Crystal Envy Earrings
  1. The ginger earrings are presented on a clear glass jewellery box. They are red with silver loops adorned with crystals. A red teardrop crystal dangles below the earring.
  1. These earrings feature small silver teardrop shaped crystals dangling from a gold hook. The crystals are reflecting a little bit of light.
  1. A pair of medium-sized black crystal earrings are presented on an empty glass jewellery box with brass edges. The crystals are cut into a gem shape, with golden hooks. They are deep black.
  1. The audrey earrings have teardrop shaped clear crystals and silver cystals in a floral pattern, dangling from the ear hook.
  1. The Marilyn earrings are dangly with a champagne teardrop shaped rhinestone in the centre, with silver rhinestones adorning the outside and extending below in a triangular shape.
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  1. The Divine earrings features a cluster of cascading small silver crystals that come together to form a teardrop shape. The crystals reflect the light, with some bronze visible in between the crystals.
  1. The Catherine Earrings are resting on a clear glass jewellery box on a pink background. The earrings have a dangling silver rhinestone, with three tear-shaped rhinestones extending below it, with a topsides figure-8 with small encrusted rhinestones along the 8. Then, a larger tea-shaped silver rhinestone is dangling below the figure 8. the rhinestones are AB crystals and reflect colours as the light hits it.