Burlesque Bits

If access to our bottomless-pit of feathers, jewels and costume pieces isn't the definition of showbabe heaven - we don't know what is!

Please note, that we have checked each piece and have stated any faults in the listing. However, as all pieces are second hand - holes, wear-and-tear and faults may be present. Therefore, we will not be accepting any returns, refunds or exchanges. By purchasing our Burlesque Bits, you acknowledge that there may be additional faults not listed and you will not be offered a refund or exchange. We are also not offering any advice on cleaning, maintenance or repairs.

Crash Mats and Poles are Pick Up Only

You will need to pick these items up from Sky Sirens. It must be picked up on one of the following dates:

Friday 5th May | 1:00pm to 7:00pm

Tuesday 9th May | 1:00pm to 7:00pm

Thursday 11th May | 3:00pm to 7:00pm

We are unable to be there any other time, so please don't enquire for additional hours. If you are unable to collect within these times, you will forfeit your payment and you will be unable to pick up your items. This means you will not be refunded for uncollected items.

All other items will be delivery | We will ship the item within 7 working days via AusPost with tracking information sent via email.

Note | If you have some items in your cart that are only available for pick up, the system won't allow delivery as an option. If you wish to have some items delivered and others picked up, please pop them in different transactions.

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