Burlesque Classes. Shimmy away with us.

 Burlesque is traditionally a theatrical performance of a satirical nature. The word is derived from the Italian word, ‘Burla’ which is translated to ‘Joke’. During the 1920s (the Burlesque ‘Golden Era’) Burlesque performances began to incorporate striptease and embrace ‘Classic’ style feather head-dresses, elaborate costuming, fans and props. After the 1960s, Burlesque began to adopt what we call a ‘Neo’ style, which is actually more reflective of its satirical roots. Nowadays, there are many different styles within the Burlesque genre. From comedic performances, political statements, drag, classic, gorelesque to modern-day strip - Burlesque is vast with possibility.

At Sky Sirens, our levelled classes (Babydoll, Garnets and Feather Fan classes) incorporate a more ‘Classic’ burlesque style reflective of the Golden Era of Burlesque. However, our other Burlesque classes offer a variety of styles for students to experience. If you’re a newbie to the genre, it’s best to start with the Babydoll classes to learn the foundation moves before moving onto more specialised styles. Our Burlesque classes begin with a dance warm-up and end with a sensual cool-down. You will work on the same routine for the term, and learn syllabus techniques along the way!

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