1. The Moonlight brooch is a crescent moon shape adorned with silver rhinestones that reflect light. the upper corner of the crescent is adorned with a pearl. the rhinestones are of different shapes and sizes
  1. Redback Brooch
  1. Black Dahlia Brooch
  1. The Bee Mine brooch is resting on a pink feather. It is brass, with a pearl under its wings. It has emerald crystals embellishing the wings closed on its back.
  1. The bow shaped brooch has small silver crystals and small pink pearls encrusting the ribbon.
  1. The starburst brooch is a 12 pointed star adorned with dazzling small crystals. Six of the points are large, and six smaller.
  1. The peacock brooch is silver with a stunning emerald and yellow feathers. The body of the peacock is a round emerald gem. The head feathers are adorned with little round emerald crystals.
  1. This brooch features a large silver rhinestone in the centre with smaller teardrop shaped rhinestones spreading out from it. It has a gold backing with a raindrop shaped silver rhinestone hanging from the bottom piece.
  1. The octopussy brooch is gold with silver rhinestones along the tentacles and mantle. The mantle has a pearl colouring.
  1. The Flamingo Fantasy pin is coloured gold with silver rhinestones along its feathers, with a pearl placed on the torso.
  1. The Charlotte pin is a gold spider with silver rhinestones along the base of the body and the legs. It has a black abdomen decorated with silver rhinestones on the top. It is resting on a pink feather.
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  1. A small black hummingbird brooch is resting on a pink feather fan. The bird has siver detailing along its black body and wings.
  1. Grace Kelly Brooch