If you’re an absolute beginner and you don’t know where to start - this page is for you! Choosing your first class can be a little overwhelming, so we’ve narrowed things down for you. We recommend starting with your “Basics”, which are the foundation classes that occur every term (one of these six classes is where most people start). In addition to these, you also have the option to “add on” a conditioning class or something fun. Of course, you are welcome to simply do any of these classes on their own - it’s up to your preferences, your schedule and your budget.

Along with the below selection of beginners classes, we have also popped together an “Ultimate Virgin’s Guide” to Sky Sirens. Aimed at total newbies, it has plenty of information about how everything works, our students, what to wear and what to expect.

  1. Babydoll Lyra: Beginners. Baby is posing in a. babe in the moon position wearing red and pink latex lingerie. She has curly brown hair and pale white skin.
  1. Babydoll Burlesque. beginners bump and grind classes. Lara is posing in red and pink latex lingerie with a pink feather headdress.
  1. Bend & Lap. Chair and strip class. Arizona is posing on a vintage mustard coloured chair, wearing red latex lingerie and thigh high boots. She has brown skin and long dark hair,
  1. Babydoll Fan Dance. Beginners fan dancing and burlesque. Rose is posing in baby pink latex lingerie with a red latex corset. She is holding a pair of pink and coral fans behind her back. She has light auburn hair and pale skin.
  1. Babydoll Sling: Beginners. Tabby is posing in baby pink latex lingerie, sitting in a white aerial sling. She has one leg bent backwards, and the other pointing straight in front of her. She is looking over her shoulder, with her long dark brown hair flowing behind her,
  1. Babydoll Pole. Beginners. Baby is posing next to a brass pole with her leg bent up. She is wearing pink latex lingerie, with a red latex skirt and red stripper heels. She has curly short hair and white skin.
  1. High Cut Honeys. 80s Aerobic Neo Burlesque Class. Lottie is posing in a neon pink leotard with a white graphic crop top. She's wearing neon yellow leg warmers. She is wearing a big curly blonde wig.
  1. Sexy Flexy. Beginners stretch and strength. Gigi is posing in a V split position, holding her leg up to her face and licking her red latex thigh high stripper boot. She has pink latex lingerie, long dark blonde hair, and tanned white skin.
  1. Bend & Grind. Chair tease for thick babes. Mama Medusa is posing in a black lacy lingerie set. They have curly brown hair with a blonde money piece. They have a seductive expression, and holding their hands on their hips.